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    English- Russian dictionary words/ How play with Russians


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    1) Rush [A/B/ middle] - rashim [A/B/midlle] naxui. 

    2) Give me weapon (drop) – suka dai drop 

    3) If your teammate did something wrong say?- Ty daun/ dolbaeb? 

    4) Help me - pomogayte blyat/ Nuzhna pomosh/Pomogite 

    5) Stop rush – Stoy s*ka/ stoyat vsem 

    6) Plant bomb – plentuy ebanuyu bambu/ Plenti suka 

    7) Ez game - / izi katka 

    8) save weapon -ne lez, seyvi 

    9) When die – suuuuuka, kak tak 

    10) Go eco round – eco blyat 

    11) Oh nooo- suuuuuuka/ blyad 

    12) Polish player- K*rwa 

    13) Ukrainian player- Hohol 

    14) Asian player- Hach 

    15) German player- Fashist/ Nemec 

    16) Anothers EU palyers - Pindos/ burgui/ anglichan 

    17) President Obama- Obama chmo/ obezyana 

    18) If your teammate did something good- Krasava/ zatashil kak bog 

    19 ) Let`s to win – nagnem pidorov. 

    20)Loser- raq/ noob/ daun/ dniwe 

    21) Middle is clear - Na midu chisto/ midah chisto 

    22) When lose game –huli vyi vse slivaetes. 

    23) Russian is here?- ruskie est? 

    24) I have low hp – ya krasniy. 

    25) Enemy low hp – on krasniy/ ya emu vyebal. 

    26) Throw flash [mid/A/B]– day fleshky [mid/A/B] 

    27) Defuse the bomb – miniruy blyad 

    28) Good player in the team – ebasher/ nagibator/ batya 

    29) Good player in the enemy- cheater suka, bante nahui. 

    30) Shut up - Zat-knees/ zavali ebalo/ zakroy svoy rot 

    Now you understand them. Good luck!



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